Caring Records

A Cloud Native sofware specifically designed for Care and Referral industry. The software is accesible through a web browser, making it available to any device. We also provide a mobile app, currently available in Android and IOS platform.

From its inception, the software has been designed to scale without limit on the number of users and is compliant to secure software standard regulations.

We operate a flat yearly licence. Please contact us for more.

Caring Records Functionalities

1. Rostering and Scheduling

Caring records is bundled with a powerful Rostering and Scheduling System. Once work (referral) is created, it can then be assigned to compliant users. We match compliant users to required work.
Each assigned user will receive a text message with work details. Using the mobile app, they can now record their report about work done, get supervisor signature and submit their timesheet.

2. Compliance Reporting

You will never assign work to a non compliant user. Caring Record engine monitors your users’ records and ensure that they are fully compliant with employment regulations.
The system will alert you way before a user becomes non compliant, giving you the opportunity to keep your business within the law.

3. Auditing and Reporting

Derive insights from data produced by your business. We have bundled a powerful reporting tool with Caring Records. 

Administrator can produce different type of report at a click of a button. All Produced reports are password encrypted ensuring that only authorised users are able to see the generated report.

Reports are automatically emailed to administrators or designated person as required.

4. Timesheet and Payroll management

Users enter their Reports, Suppervisor Signature and Timesheet Using Caring Records Mobile app.
Once Reports and Timesheets are approved by an administrator, the system automatically upload the necessary details to an online accounting software of your choice, allowing you and your accountant to process payroll and invoices.

5. Automated work processing

No more manual input.
When work arrives as email attachment, Caring Records will process the attachments and create required work records on the database.
Administrators don’t have to enter work details manually. They can simply log into the system and assign work to users.