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« PROXY TECHNOLOGY LTD » We deliver all our services using FREE open source technologies to save our client money while at the same time providing a robust backbone.

Multiple GDS Integration

XML Interface for Quick and Easy Content Aggregation & Integration of Multi GDS into your Travel System or Web Site

Full Text Search

Make your web content fully searcheable. We provide Custom result ranking, autocomplete, faceted search, real-time indexing, and more

Responsive Web Design

We build web site that react on the environment on which they are run. Your web site will work seamlessly in different devices.

Global Distribution System commonly known as GDS connects millions of Supplier and provide a common platform for bookings (flight,  hotel,  packages and cars) to users across the globe. Our system integrates with different GDS API and integrate them into one common API to expose to our client's application.
We provide our clients with Flights and Hotels booking engine that seamlessly integrate to their web site to receive bookings 24/7;  widen their market reach and broaden their distribution network.
We also provide a robust full text searhc engine to empower our client site flights or accomodation search. The search engine ranks the results to match user searches; produces facets, autocomplete or search as you type etc.
To ensure that our client have a broader reach when using our services, all our web sites or applications are responsive. This ensures that our client's content is delivered coherrently both on the web as well as on portable devices.
Our Past Work
4Energy is a leading provider of low energy cooling solutions and enterprise software platforms for connecting equipment, infrastructure and energy.
We worked with 4Energy for a period of nine months to integrate their backend simulations based on Computation Fluid Dynamic with Html5 front end. The work involved collecting Data centre configurations as designed by a data centre manager using xml. The configurations data included readings from sensors attached to data centre racks, rack's hight and width, ACU's configuration and their cooling capacities, etc.
We run CFD simulations on the collected data and we generate a heat map that is then displayed on the browser for further analysis. The Data centre manager has options to generate historical heat map.

What the case for running a simulation on a data center?

The aim of the project was to help data centre manager answer scenarion questions such as “ what will be the effect of moving a rack to a specific position in the data center?”.


Using Kendo UI for front end development and Spring MVC with java Concurrency API on the back end we were able to distribute CFD Simulation to many servers to achieve a high throuput. We successfully delivered a project that is currently licenced under 4Energy's SmartSet Suite of applications.
Salmon is a global commerce service provider that delivers market-changing strategies to the world’s leading brands.

Development Partners.

We worked with Salmon on their prestigious customer Tommy Hilfiger's European enterprice commerce Omni-Channel Retail Planning using IBM webspher commerce stack. Proxy Technology's responsibility was to deliver a seamless payment integration on top of Websphere commerce with multi payments gateway providers such as Wire card, Klarna and Sofort.

What we delivered.

As an on site contractor, we delivered our services in a professional and timely manner; helping our client achieve their deadline. With our expertise, we were able to provide answers to issues regarding technology responsiveness to shift in modern payment including:
  1. Strategic implications of the continued channel shift for customer business, and how to respond quickly,
  2. How to design omni-channel proposition and operating model to maximise long term profits,
  3. How to accelerate client's ecommerce and omni-channel growth,
  4. How to increase online store presence, drive traffic to the site and ensure high conversion.

Our Integration technology choice:

  1. Apache Camel
  2. Apache CXF with JAXB Marshalling.
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